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Buffet Table
at Hoss's
Wed, Nov 30th
Young Volunteers

Hey Parents!

Do you have one hour to spare?

Make a difference by volunteering for one of our upcoming events!

We are seeking parent volunteers for upcoming events in order to provide our students with safe and memorable experiences.


If you can donate just 60 minutes of your time we really appreciate your help. Fill out the form below to sign up!

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Our Purpose

YSCP Parent Advisory Council (PAC) supports, encourages, and improves the quality of education and the well being of all students at YSCP by:


  • providing a parental voice to educational decision-making at YSCP.

  • exchanging information with parents and staff about educational and community matters.

  • providing opportunities to develop and understand the rights and responsibilities of parents within the educational system.

  • supporting YSCP student learning by supplementing school supplies or equipment through fundraising and/or donations.



  • All parents, legal guardians, or other adult standing in loco parentis of a student currently attending YSCP is a member. 

  • All faculty and staff who currently are employed at YSCP are members.